Our mission:  To develop new therapies for type 1 and type 2 diabetes

Fairbanks Pharmaceuticals is developing transformative diabetes therapies that address the underlying cause of diabetes: loss of insulin from beta cells.

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  • Read about the science behind our work.
  • (March 2018) Fairbanks chosen as finalist in M2D2 $200K Challenge….Read more
  • (March 2018) Positive niche assessment of Fairbanks’ potential in NIH-funded profile…Read more
  • (September 2017) Fairbanks presented at the RESI Boston 2017 Innovation Challenge….Read more
  • (September 2017) Fairbanks has successfully met all SBIR Phase I milestones and  has submitted a Phase II application to focus on in vivo therapeutic benefits.
  • (August 2017) Fairbanks was selected as a semifinalist and is competing to win a residency at MilliporeSigma’s Start-Up program at LabCentral…Read more
  • (May 2017) Fairbanks presented its approach at the MassCONNECT Final Showcase to widespread pharma and private investor interest…Read more
  • (March 2017) Fairbanks was selected to present at the Massachusetts Technology Transfer Center Early-Stage Life Center’s Technology Conference...Read more
  • (February 2017) Fairbanks presented its introductory pitch to potential mentors at MassBio’s MassCONNECT 2017 kick-off meeting.  MassCONNECT matches entrepreneurs and founders with seasoned life sciences professionals to catalyze and commercialize innovation…Read more
  • (December 2016) Boehringer-Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals (BI) selected Fairbanks to compete for their Boston Innovation Prize…Read more
  • (December 2016) Fairbanks Pharmaceuticals awarded a pilot grant from the UMass Office of the President’s Science and Technology Fund…  Read more
  • (Sept 2016) Fairbanks Pharmaceuticals selected as a semi-finalist in the Diabetes Innovation Challenge…  Read more
  • Background on CEO/CSO Alan Schneyer here and here.
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Alyssa Berthelette and Fairbanks Pharmaceuticals CEO/CSO Alan Schneyer
Technician Intern Alyssa Berthelette and CEO/CSO Alan Schneyer