(July, 2021) We are saddened to announce, that with the passing of our founding Principal Investigator, Dr. Alan Schneyer, Fairbanks is in the process of closing our laboratory in Springfield.  Experiments in progress have been discontinued. 

For additional information, please contact Elissa Brown at

Fairbanks Pharmaceuticals CEO Alan Schneyer explaining research related to SBIR award

Notable Milestones in the History of Fairbanks Pharmaceuticals

  • (3/12/21) Fairbanks patent issued Read more
  • (2/13/21) A new publication in Endocrinology provides important updates on Fairbanks’s ongoing research. Read more
  • (1/30/21) Fairbanks COO Elissa Brown was approved by NIH as Program Director/Principal Investigator, and Fairbanks’s research continues Read more
  • (12/21/20) A new publication in Trends in Encocrinology and Metabolism adds new evidence and findings to a 2010 article foundational to Fairbanks’s research. Read more
  • (12/18/20) Remembering Alan Schneyer, Fairbanks’s founder, CEO and CSO, who passed away suddenly in November, 2020. Read more
  • Fairbanks presented at the NIH Innovation Conference on October 13, and will present at the Emerging Company Showcase at the Life Sciences Summit in November. Read more
  • The abstract for the paper that Fairbanks CEO Dr Alan Schneyer had been scheduled to present at the canceled ENDO 2000 meeting is now available online. Read more
  • Fairbanks won the prestigious 2018 Boston Innovation Prize “Golden Ticket” in October, 2018. Read more
  • Fairbanks was awarded a Phase II $1.83M SBIR grant in June, 2018, to support its work developing transformative diabetes therapies . Read more
  • Read about the science behind our work.