Fairbanks Patent Issued

“Anti-follistatin-like 3 antibodies and treatment of diabetes,” invented by Alan Schneyer and assigned to Fairbanks Pharmaceuticals was issued by the US Patent Office (Patent No. 10,941,195) on March 9, 2021.

This invention provides antibodies that bind to and inhibit FSTL3, as well as the composition of the antibodies and methods of making and using the antibodies, (e.g., in the treatment of diabetes).  The antibodies increase insulin secretion from beta cells, increase beta cell regeneration, promote transdifferentiation of an alpha cell or other pancreatic cell to a beta cell, and inhibit transdifferentiation of a beta cell to an alpha cell.

Fairbanks is continuing its work to demonstrate the in vivo efficacy of its FSTL3 neutralizing antibody for restoring glucose control in mouse models of diabetes and accelerating  alpha- to beta-cell transdifferentiation.