Fairbanks Research and Development Continues

Our work at Fairbanks carries on without our former CEO and CSO, Dr. Alan Schneyer.  After intensive review by the NIH, Elissa Brown was approved as Program Director/Principal Investigator.  Ms. Brown is a co-founder of Fairbanks Pharmaceuticals and has served as COO of the firm since its inception.  Over the past few months, Ms. Brown has taken over the reins at Fairbanks allowing the research on the effect of FSTL3 neutralizing antibodies on pancreatic islets to continue. 

Under the oversight of Dr. Melissa  Brown, Ms. Alexa Lopez is directing our in-house mouse studies and Mr. Alden Richter is heading up the molecular biology efforts, including the cloning, expression, and characterization of recombinant proteins used in our experiments.