Newly Published Study Validates Fairbanks Approach

A new article based on Fairbanks Pharmaceuticals’s research provides important updates on the company’s ongoing successful research.

The article, by Fairbanks staff Alexa Lopez, Nolan Meyer, and Alden Richter; scientific advisory board member Thomas Thompson; and consultant (and corresponding author) Dr. Melissa Brown is now online in the journal Endocrinology.

The paper describes Fairbanks’s successful effort to develop an FSTL3 neutralizing antibody, FP-101, and characterize its ability to prevent FSTL3 from complexing with activin or related ligands, or disrupt already formed complexes.  In vitro assays revealed that FP-101 mediated neutralization of FSTL3 can enhance both insulin secretion and glucose responsiveness to non-functional mouse and human islets under conditions that model diabetes, thus providing a novel therapeutic strategy for treating diabetes through repairing beta cells.