Remembering Alan Schneyer

We are deeply saddened to announce that Fairbanks CEO Alan Schneyer passed away suddenly on November 18, 2020. Alan was an innovative scientist, a caring mentor, an eager colloborator, and a truly bold entrepreneur. 

As Dr. Joe Jerry, Science Director of the Pioneer Valley Life Science Institute, friend and colleague of Alan, wrote “He could see the potential for a completely new strategy to manage diabetes. This was to devise therapeutics to restore the function of the pancreatic beta cells rather than simply provide insulin by daily injections to patients. A grand idea, but he was unwilling to be satisfied with simply an idea and he committed himself to the task of building this new therapy.” (Read Dr Jerry’s tribute.)

Read more about Alan’s work in this remembrance by Dr. Dan Bernard in Endocrine News. 

Research is continuing at Fairbanks.  For more information, contact Elissa Brown at or (617) 922-5394.